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Racial harassment can be a difficult perception with numerous definitions put forward by racial harassment solicitors which may not always agree entirely with other definitions. To define it simply, is to say that racial harassment happens when someone receives treatment that is unfavourable or is made the target of abusive or offensive behaviour due to their race, descent, colour, or their ethnic or national origin. Qualifying behaviour ranges from distasteful or inappropriate comments or remarks to the threatened or actual assaults that are triggered by prejudice, but once acted upon is harassment. Racial harassment includes verbal or physical abuse, written abuse such as racist graffiti or the damaging or destruction of a victim’s property. It has an effect that violates the dignity of the individual and creates an environment which is hostile, intimidating, degrading, and humiliating. This is not an environment conducive to top performance. A wise employer will put a stop to this type of behaviour immediately or risk not only payment of compensation to the individuals harassed, but a decline in performance from all employees involved, both directly and indirectly and solicitors legal action.

Race Prejudice

Anyone could have prejudice, in most cases you wouldn’t know about that prejudice because they are able to control that dark side of their personality, it is when a person acts on that prejudice through harassing behaviour toward their fellow employees or singles out a person for harassment due to their race, colour, or national origin that is when it could be the basis for a complaint of racial harassment and a compensatory claim. To be actionable and to justify an award of damages that claim, instigated usually by a solicitor, must meet the specifics of unlawful actions. In most cases a solicitors compensation claim for racial harassment can succeed based on a single serious incident, such as a physical attack or the destruction of personal property. But generally, cases of bullying, written abuse, verbal abuse, or racist graffiti could require the victim to show a pattern of misconduct that includes the unwanted, unacceptable, and unlawful incidents which the victim found to be oppressive or offensive. Some incidents can be halted by notifying the individual in the presence of their supervisor that their conduct is inappropriate, but that action should never be attempted if it is known the perpetrator is violent or the supervisor is a weak leader. Keeping a journal of incidences and actions taken such as notifying supervisors or union representatives could be helpful for your solicitor to prove your claim.

Specialist Employment Solicitors

Our racial harassment solicitors are specialists in employment law and normally utilise a no win no fee scheme to assist clients with racial harassment claims. When you require free advice regarding the unwanted conduct of a fellow employee, supervisor, or employer that is based on your colour, race, descent, ethnic or national origin or to enquire about the possibility of a claim of compensation for racial harassment just phone our helpline.

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