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Particularly during the previous five decades, numerous statutes have been passed by Australia’s individual States and Territories that apply locally which resulted in a fragmented employment law that was difficult for claimants solicitors because justice was largely dependant on a firm’s location. However, Australia’s Parliament has consolidated much of the legislation into Acts, which apply throughout Australia and take priority over the local statutes.


National Federal Legislation

Australia’s most important employment laws are contained in these Acts and statutes that apply nationally. There are no local variants to these statutes which apply throughout Australia meaning that employment law solicitors can now act nationally in representing thier clients :

  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975

This Australian Act or employment law is relevant nationally and overrides any state or Territorial legislation, which makes discrimination based on race unlawful. Racial discrimination is the occurrence when an individual whose treatment is less favourable than other employees based on that person’s colour, race, descent, ethnic origin or nationality.

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984

This Australian Act or employment law is also relevant nationally and makes acts of discrimination based on a person’s marital status, sex, potential pregnancy or pregnancy in fact unlawful. The Act’s wide range of effects is not simply restricted to the act of sexual discrimination.

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992

The Parliament of Australia passed this act with an intention of safeguarding disabled applicants and worker’s rights nationally.  The Human Rights Commission is responsible for handling complaints made regarding this employment law.

  • Age Discrimination Act 2004

Since its enactment, this legislation protects applicants and employees from unlawful discrimination in matters of employment which are based on age and it applies to any age young or old.

  • Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission Act

This legislation directs the management of the Human Rights Commission and its operation, which is to investigate anti-discrimination statutes breaches and violations to include discrimination based on colour, race, or ethnic origin, or any racial vilification, as well those based on sex, marital status, sexual harassment, disability or pregnancy.

  • Fair Work Act 2009

This act provides guidance in the regulation of the Australian industrial relations tribunal or institution which is known as the ‘Fair Work Commission’ (FWC) that governs the minimum wage level, dispute resolution, and awards. The FWC is responsible for those functions previously carried out by the Australian Fair Pay Commission and the Workplace Authority.

  • Workplace Relations Act 2006

This national employment law stipulates minimum conditions and terms which applies to employment and regulates the Fair Work Commission.


Employment Law Specialist Solicitors

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