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Solicitors compensation claims for racial discrimination are handled utilising the Race Discrimination Act 1975 (RDA), legislation which was passed by Parliament that has national relevance and applies to all states and the territories within Australia. This act makes unlawful all race discrimination and replaces any similar state or territorial law. Race discrimination claims for compensation are dealt with by the Human Rights Commission which administers the RDA. Our race discrimination solicitors handle all manner of employment compensation claims in Australia

Race Discrimination Act 1975

A claim of racial discrimination that regards employment law may arise under the Act whenever people of either sex are treated less favourably than another based on colour, race, descent, ethnic origin or nationality. This statute applies while seeking employment or during actual employment and pertains to promotions, selection for training, equal pay and/or employment conditions and applies to both sexes equally regardless of age.

Race Hatred Act 1995

Additionally a race discrimination solicitor might also utilise the Race Hatred Act while representing a client’s claim of racial discrimination. This Act extends the coverage of RDA and prohibits acts of vilification and racial hatred, which the Act regards as offensive behaviour.

Subjective Test

It is not relevant whether the offender intended offence or not. When the aggrieved individual was made the subject of offensive behaviour, which could be found discriminatory or racial in nature and that employee was offended by that behaviour, then there are potential grounds for a claim of racial discrimination for compensation. Typically the behaviour involved several incidents; however, just one particularly serious incident can be considered sufficient for taking legal action.

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Our solicitors are specialists in racial discrimination claims and deal with a variety of employment issues on the behalf of executives, staff, and employees. If you require free legal advice regarding a possible compensation claim just call the free helpline. An employment law solicitor will speak with you regarding your situation and advise you without further obligation.

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