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This problem in the workplace has shown a substantial rise in reported incidents in recent years which is possibly due to the number of solicitors claims where victims have received compensation and the associated publicity which has brought the problem out into the open. Workplace bullying has no national legislation that specifically addresses the problem, nor is there a statutory definition at the national level. However, there are four fundamental components that have been present in each successful solicitors claim of workplace bullying as follows:

Unlawful Behaviour

Employment law solicitors could make application for compensation when victims come forward to file claims for unacceptable behaviour that may have started as a workplace conflict and include:

Employers Policy

Employers have a responsibility to their employees to provide a safe working environment free from acts of bullying and can be liable for compensation to victims that were not adequately safeguarded against workplace bullying incidents. Every employer should have a policy to prevent bullying at work, and every employee should be aware of the policy to include what to do and who to consult regarding any of the incidents outlined above. Whether it is happening to you or a fellow worker it is your duty to report it. Knowing and following the complaint procedures outlined in your employer’s workplace bullying policy could be the first step in preventing future problems in the workplace. If there isn’t a policy in place the first step should be notifying your supervisor, if the offender has a different supervisor request a meeting with both supervisors and the offender to air out any conflict. Keeping a journal that spells out each specific incident, dates and times, as well who witnessed the incident could help support your claim if that becomes necessary.

Specialist Employment Solicitors

Our employment law solicitors handle workplace bullying compensation claims and when appropriate can apply the no win no fee basis to your possible claim. When you need free initial legal advice with no obligation just call our helpline. One of our expert employment law solicitors will speak with you to provide the information you require.

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